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I have been a medical practitioner since 1977, and worked in different specialities of medicine. I have taken a post graduate medical qualification , Fellow of Royal College of Surgeons ,FRCS in the UK. Following a long and varied medical career, most recently as a private general practitioner, I retired in September 2019.

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The services provided are limited to information of a disease, disorder, condition or injury.
£30.00 for 20 minutes consultation.
Dr.George was running a private practice till 2019 with a website called ‘theprivatedoctor.com’. He retired in 2019. As a lot of his patients were well used to the site, Dr.George decided to continue the website, but changing the nature and extend of service.
Yes, as medical science is an integrated vast subject( anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, pathology and clinical subjects) as wide as ocean, which was acquired by Dr. George through years of medical education, clinical experience and updating skills. As such this involves human instinct and analysis.
Yes, you are welcome to ask questions on any healthcare issue, since the information given is not specific to a person.
In the interest of providing service to a wider community, the time allocated is restricted strictly to 20 minutes.
Yes, it is available to the citizens of any country irrespective of cast, creed and nationality. But the caller is required to speak fluent English.
Dr.George will explain in general what investigations are normally carried out for that particular disease or condition.