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I have been a medical practitioner since 1977, and worked in different specialities of medicine. I have taken a post graduate medical qualification , Fellow of Royal College of Surgeons ,FRCS in the UK. Following a long and varied medical career, most recently as a private general practitioner, I retired in September 2019.

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The services provided are general in nature based on diseases, their progress, and general management. Again it is not about a person’s symptoms and no record will be made.

Have you wondered what all questions you should ask prior to signing an informed consent for a surgical operation? For example if you are undergoing total thyroidectomy, you should know the complications, their frequency, the life after thyroidectomy and so on.

Prior to accepting the service, people should be aware that this is not intended to treat or manage personal health issues.

Dr.George will not take your medical history and examine you. Please do not expect him to treat you or manage your condition.

There is any fee for these services.

For any one returning a contact form with a view to getting information, tthere £30 for 20 minutes advice.

People should not give their personal details, or medical history.

Dr.George only endeavours to clarify your genuine doubts or provide information on a medical condition. Dr.George shall not be keeping your medical records, recording conversation or referring you to a medical practitioner.

Dr.George aims to provide you information on the most modern trends in the management (including investigation) of a medical condition.

The information Dr.George provides will be of a general nature, and will not be tailored to your specific medical requirements. Examples of enquiries will include things like the purpose of a laboratory test, cough lasting for a few months, losing weight, distinguishing features of melanoma, post operative complication of a certain operation, general management of general anxiety disorder and so on. The information Dr.George provides is general and not specific to any particular individual.