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I have been a medical practitioner since 1977, and worked in different specialities of medicine. I have taken a post graduate medical qualification , Fellow of Royal College of Surgeons ,FRCS in the UK. Following a long and varied medical career, most recently as a private general practitioner, I retired in September 2019.

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  • 1. The services provided by ‘theprivatedoctor.com’ are not intended to treat or manage any health or medical conditions.
  • 2. People using the services agree to indemnify Dr.C.J. George from all claims and losses arising from the information received on healthcare or medical matters.
  • 3. The caller should read and understand the whole contents including, ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ as set out in the website,prior to filling the contact form and making use of the services.
  • 4. The caller may not reveal any of his/her personal details or medical history during the conversation with Dr.George. The person should present it as a general medical condition about which he/she is interested to know.
  • 5. Callers are expected to adhere to common decency and respect. If the caller uses abusive language or if the conversation is not clear, or ring repeatedly Dr. George will decline to talk to the caller
  • 6. In future the terms and extend of the service, can be changed, or a fee can be applied for using the service.